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“It is becoming all the more difficult in today’s business world to find a skilled and versatile

writer who understands the core tenets of the English language. Miriam Drennan is that

writer. Miriam writes with clarity, precision, depth and, when fitting, humor. In addition, she is

personally a delight. For anyone seeking a partner whom they can trust in the writing

process, look no further than Miriam Drennan.”

Amy Seigenthaler Pierce


Seigenthaler Public Relations

“Miriam is always a pleasure to work with, regardless of project size or subject. She

understands the creative process, and values great design, as well as the importance of

having people on a project that she can trust. She knows only one way to do her job, and

that is well—very well, and works very hard to consistently turn out the best she can, day in

and day out. She is loyal and true to herself, and to the ones that she hires to take care of her

projects, and she cares about what she does and the type of work that gets produced.

Throughout her career, she has had a multitude of positions providing her a vast portfolio

of experience, which serves her well with each new project that comes along. She’s quite

talented and would be a great asset to any organization.”

Jay Smith


Juicebox Designs

“Miriam Drennan, That Writer, is the best of the best! A gifted writer and editor, she has

assisted me with several projects, creating a much better product. I fully endorse Miriam.

You couldn't find a better partner!”

Dawn Woods


Christian Living and Gift Books

B&H Publishing Group

“Creative, innovative, prompt and—best of all—not fussy. Not fussy is a big deal when you

introduce clients into the equation. We’ve all seen otherwise good writers wilt when a client

says, ‘what else have you got?’ Disclaimer: This recommendation would have no doubt

been better if she had written it.”

Wayne Campbell

Senior Vice President and Creative Director

Filmhouse, Inc.

“Miriam is a gifted creative writer. She takes a plain idea and turns it into something

extraordinary. I highly recommend Miriam for any job . . . big or small. . . . because she'll

give it great attention. She's so pleasant to work with and has a great attitude too!”

Christi Bowen

Voiceover Talent

“Miriam Drennan has a series of skill sets that is rare to the creative marketing world.

Whether planning and configuring a marketing piece, or writing and editing for commercial

applications such as copy or original trade books, she effectively combines her years of

experience with an innate sensitivity to those with and for whom she works.”

Bruce Cokeroft

Project Leader

LifeWay Worship

“I consistently turn to Miriam when our work needs call for outsourcing because I know I can

turn the project over to her and forget about it until she brings back her superior concepts

and copy on time and on budget. I continue to be amazed at her ability to quickly

understand our target audience and reach out to them with thought-provoking, revenue

returning concept and copy. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who

needs great copy. In fact, what are you waiting for? Call That Writer now! Do it!”

Debbie Whisenant

Marketing and Communications Specialist

LifeWay Adult

“I hired Miriam to write a devotional, and she delivered above and beyond what I had

hoped. Her writing was wonderful, well researched, interesting, and a joy to read. She also

delivered full ms on time and had quick turnaround with final edits. To top it off, she was

fun to work with. I highly recommend her for your writing needs.”

Lisa Stilwell

Senior Editor

Thomas Nelson, a division of HarperCollins

“I jump at the chance to work with Miriam when I need assistance with concepting or

copywriting. She is fabulous.”

Roberta Lehman

Marketing and Communications Specialist

LifeWay Kids

“I've known Miriam for over a decade now, and during that time—the last two years in

particular—it has been my privilege to collaborate with her on some tremendously

rewarding and satisfying projects. I use those adjectives to describe both the tangible end

results as well as the process through which they were achieved. Miriam understands the

creative process and she understands the role of a creative professional. Not only is she

always full of great ideas of her own, but she also knows how to most effectively enhance

and improve the good ideas that others bring to the table. Her imaginative commitment to

creative excellence and her pragmatic attention to details and to the typical array of

constraining factors (time, money, etc.) have, on many occasions, made me the grateful

beneficiary of her ability to steer a reliable course through potential hazards. But don't take

my word for it; give yourself the opportunity to work with her and I'm confident you'll see

what I mean!”

Abe Goolsby


Officina Abrahae

“Miriam's talent, marketing/advertising knowledge, and writing abilities are second to none. In

short, she knows her stuff. Every bit of it, from start to finish. I never, ever have to worry

about a project when Miriam is on it—it's going to be great. And on time. And on budget. I

have learned so much from her through the years we've worked together—you won’t find

any writer more creative, thorough, or strategic in her approach to solutions and projects. I

would jump for joy to work with her anytime, anywhere, on anything!”

Melissa Sisk

Creative Director

“Miriam always has creative insight for the message that needs to be communicated. A real

go-getter and out-of-the-box thinker.”

Jonathan Riggs

Musician and Actor

“Miriam has been a great writing resource for us. She is extremely talented and adapts well

to different categories and industries. She takes time to understand the client she is about to

write for. We consider her a part of our extensive team of talented creatives.”

Tim Earnhart

Founder and Chief Brand Builder

Werkshop Marketing

“Miriam recently assisted us in writing content for our newly designed web site, helped in

devising a new branding campaign, and developed new brochures.  We appreciated

Miriam taking the time to really get to know our business and our products, and we are

very pleased with the results. We look forward to working with Miriam on more projects in

the future.”

Wade Stapleton


LifeWay Credit Union

“Miriam is not only a good friend, but also the most creative and talented writer I know. She

is That Writer, in the truest sense. You can give her any type of project and know that she

will not only bring her best and most creative work to the table, but she will be ahead of

schedule. I learned so much about writing from working alongside her on many projects at

LifeWay. Since then been an invaluable resource when I needed someone to take on a

project that requires a special touch from someone who can start with a idea or just a word

and turn it into a compelling story or message. I highly recommend Miriam. She really is

That Writer.”

Barry Puckett

Copywriter and Digital Marketing Strategist

LifeWay Retail

I had the pleasure of working with Miriam on a few jobs and was delighted how quickly she

jumped in and nailed what we needed. A true talent indeed.

Joseph Weaver

Senior Art Director

The Bohan Group

“Miriam is a fantastic person to work with. Having worked with her on several projects I am

a first-hand witness to the quality of her work and her personal character. She is a highly

talented writer, fast, creative and reliable. She is a person who will always go an extra mile

to make sure the projects and clients we do work for are highly pleased. I highly

recommend Miriam for any project!”

Laura Moseley

Director of Client Services

Caddis Interactive

“Miriam is a clear communicator paying close attention to detail. She is creative in her

thinking and writing and her expert knowledge of grammar is very reassuring. Due to her

versatility, I highly recommend her for any creative writing, or editing projects.”

Ellen Parker Bibb


Ellen Parker Bibb Designs

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