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Miriam Drennan has over 15 years of professional writing, editing, and marketing experience for a broad range of industries, channels, and audiences. When clients ask what she considers to be her specialty, she’ll often reply, “Taking the stress off of you.”

In most cases, she works from concept to completion, but Miriam is quite comfortable picking up projects at any point during the creative process and seeing them through.

She holds a B.A. from Converse College, where she double-majored in English/Studio Art, and an MLAS from Vanderbilt University, so she’s well-schooled in the rules . . . and thus, knows what she’s doing when she bends or breaks them.

Miriam is not a convicted felon and has never, ever operated a business out of the trunk of a 1982 Buick Skylark. But she is guilty of spoiling her dogs, Sophie and Chance, completely rotten.

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Chance, working hard

Sophie, working harder

telephone: 615.491.8909 email: miriamisthatwriter@gmail.com

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